We Would Like you to Know -Ana Castillo

Posted by | June 28, 2012


    We would like you to know we are not all docile nor revolutionaries but we are all survivors. We do not all carry zip guns, hot pistols, steal cars. We do know how to defend ourselves. We do not all have slicked-back hair distasteful apparel unpolished shoes although the economy doesn’t allow everyone a Macy’s charge card. We do not all pick lettuce, run assembly lines, clean restaurant tables, even if someone has to do it. We do not all sneak under barbed wire or wade the Rio Grande. These are the facts.


    We would like you to know we are not all brown. Genetic history has made some of us blue eyed as any German immigrant and as black as a descendant of an African slave. We never claimed to be a homogeneous race. We are not all victims, all loyal to one cause, all perfect; it is a psychological dilemma no one has resolved. We would like to give a thousand excuses as to why we all find ourselves in a predicament residents of a controversial power how we were all caught with our pants down and how petroleum was going to change all that but you’ve heard it all before and with a wink and a snicker left us babbling amongst ourselves.


    We would like you to know guilt or apologetic gestures won’t revive the dead redistribute the land or natural resources. We are left with one final resolution in our own predestined way, we are going forward. There is no going back.


    -Taken from the Afrolatino Project Conversemos HIV/AIDS Facilitator Training Manual

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