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    • Conduct concept mapping and gap analysis.
    • Conduct a Regional Planning Meeting
    • Develop and pilot test Conversemos Curriculum and Research Protocols




    1. Identify three Afrolatin@ target population groups. For each of the three groups also select two transnational communities they live in. There must be one community chosen from each of the three home countries selected for this Project, ie Honduras, Panamá and the Dominican Republic, and the other must be a US community with large concentrations of that specific immigrant group.


    2. Identify three core stakeholders from each of the targeted communities in the three home countries and 3 stakeholders from each of the US communities.


    3. Involve these stakeholders in all aspects of the population research ie mapping of the Afro-Latin@ concept, identification of the target groups, target community in US and home countries, gap analysis of services available and needed, development of definition templates specific to each of the three home countries.


    4. Develop the Comprehensive Conversemos training curriculum and an implementation Manual for the Project. Pilot it with one group in both their communities, ie one in the home country and one in the US.


    5. Design and implement research protocols that will guide program evaluation of the pilot work  from baseline to the 18-month milestone.

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