Posted by | July 08, 2012

    The International Research Program AFRODESC, “Afrodescendientes y esclavitud: dominación, identificación y herencias en las Américas” (Afrodescendants and slavery: domination, identification and legacies”) was conducted between 2008-2011. It was principally financed by the French Research National Agency (ANR) and included a dozen institutions from Mexico, France, Colombia, and other countries.  The project has given us permission to include the content of their website in the Repository  so we can facilitate distribution and preservation of their findings.  We  wish to thank Elizabeth Cunin, Odile Hoffman, Myriam Cottias and Carlos Agudelo among many others for their contribution.

    This Collection contains the (15) workbooks, including 3 bibliographies, (1) set of principal results, description (1), objectives (1) and a standing bibliography (1). 


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