About Cofradia de la Negritud Collection

Posted by | July 31, 2012

    The Cofradia de la Negritud has emerged as an important civil rights groups in Cuba providing critical assessments of the racism, both social and institutional, that continues today in Cuban society. The organization was founded by Norberto Mesa Carbonell and consists of Tomás Fernandez Robaina and Tato Quiñones.  The Cofradia aims to revindicate Afrocuban history and culture which has often been absent from the national history.

    This evolving collection of material is dedicated to raising awareness about the organization, providing a broader forum for their writing  and their struggle against racial discrimination with the end goal that their fight to improve the social and economic conditions of Cuba country, is known to a broader public. We look forward to helping distribute their works. We wish to thank the Cofradia, Tomás Fernandez Robaina  and Roberto Zurbano of the Casa de las Americas.

     The Cofradia de la Negritud Collection currently contains (4) articles, as well as their 48 point Action plan. 



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