The Afrolatin@ Project Meeting March 31, 2006-April 1, 2006

Posted by | February 28, 2013
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  • Abstract: The Afrolatin@ Project, held a Working Group Meeting March 31, 2006 - April 1, 2006 as part of its first Ford Foundation Planning Grant. Below are images of some of the participants who attended the meeting, as well as a copy of the Working Group's Reference Book prepared for the meeting with (handwritten notes from our founder Dr. George Priestley). The Reference Book includes the Biographies of the Participants, the Afrolatin@ Project's mission and objectives. It also contains reading/reference material including: "Brown Like Me" by Ed Morales reprinted from The Nation (2004); "The Afro-Latino Connection: Can this group be the bridge to a broadbased Black-Hispanic alliance?" reprinted from Black Enterprise (2004); "The Garinagu in New York: An unnoticed group flourishes in the shadows" by Angelia Medaglia (2001); "Bleach in the Rainbow: Latin Ethnicity and Preference for Whiteness by William A. Darity Jr., Jason Dietrich, and Darrick Hamilton reprinted from Transforming Anthropology (2005).



Including: Nilsa Gutierrez, Dr. Pedro Noguera, Dr. Roy Bryce LaPorte (deceased)  (Panelists);  Junot Diaz, Luis Barrios, Juan Flores, Miriam Jimenez Roman, Dr. Irma McClaurin, Dr. Celio Burrowes, MD, Dr. George Priestley (deceased) ( Past & Present Project Board of Associate Members). See below slides for full list of additional participants and biographies.


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