George A. Priestley – Ten minute talk at Encuentros/Encounters Race Relations Institute, Fisk University 2003

By George A. Priestley | February 28, 2014
  • Author: George A. Priestley
  • Journal: The Afrolatin@ Project
  • Abstract: The“Encuentros-Encounters” dialogue was a series of conversations between African-Americans and Latin Americans in Nashville, Tennessee, to foster stronger communication and eliminate tensions between the two communities. The series was developed by Dr. Irma McClaurin for the Race Relations Institute at Fisk University. Panelists included: The Honorable Alberto Barrow, Esq., Auxiliary Mayor of Panama City, Republic of Panama; Moises Cabellero, Auxiliary Vice President of Bank of America; Beverly Moran Attorney and Legal Professor at Vanderbilt University; Maria Clara Mejia, Director of Socioculural Inegration, Connection America; Noris Binet, President of Luz Latina; Cathie Dodd, Executive Director the Organization for the Woodbine Community

                                         © Fisk University


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Later an article entitled:

“Ethnicity, Race and Class in the United States, Prospects for African-American/Latino Alliances” published in Latin American Perspectives, 2007.


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