By volunteering or interning with the AfroLatin@ Project you gain valuable experience working in the social enterprise sector. You can assist us in a variety of ways and are welcome to help on a one-time basis or continuously throughout the year.

    Ways to help

    Tweet Afro: Help translate our Twitter facts/quotes. We are looking for Spanish, Portuguese, Kreyol, Dutch speakers.

    Conversemos Afro: Organize friends and family to record their narratives using the Afrolatin@ Project’s web voice recorder, Skype or our toll free phone number (U.S. only). You can even submit written narratives Help us translate our audio interviews and participate in creating subtitles to our video interviews via our platform. Learn more here.

    Repository: Help us organize our repository by cataloguing and metatagging content. You as well as your friends and families to submit photos to the repository of  items they want to share that reflect their experiences as Afrodescendant/Afrolatin@.

    Digital Bibliography: Help us curate an evolving digital bibliography of writings about the Afrodescendant experience/history by sending in suggested books or articles. We can’t guarantee every suggestion will make it into the bibliography. Please be sure to send the Book Title, Author, Year (if known) to:

    We are looking for energetic and passionate volunteers and interns to help us maintain the growing database and make it as useful as possible to the community.  Interns and volunteers will be encouraged to work independently with periodic supervision (which will encourage development of best practices).

    We also need people to:

    • Assist the directors and coordinators in organizing events.
    • Commit to a regular schedule of approximately 2-3 hours a week.
    • Assist Project staff with copyediting.
    • Work on publicity, liason and outreach.

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